Vila Venera

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Refreshment in crystal clear sea is almost in your hand, only a few seconds away from your desire for soul and body refreshment.

Forget about packing tons of mattresses, filling up bottles with juices, making sandwiches and other similar activities necessary for comfortable rest at distant beaches. Maestro's beach is already waiting for you.

All you need is a towel to sweep the gentle drops of the Adriatic Sea off. Forget about sand all over you because Puntica beach is almost perfect for all kinds of daily enjoyable activities. 
Round pebbles are prone all over the coast just for your relaxed sunbathing joy. Sand is in the water for your free games with multicoloured balls. You can dive into the water freely, without fear or you can watch your children’s smiling faces while they are roller-coasting nearby.
The Beaches of Razanac
On the other side, there are plenty of little isolated lagoons around Razanac where many couples can have their peace and intimacy. There is also a bigger sand beach Punta, perfect for careless children’s games.