Vila Venera

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The Climate
Due to a specific geographical location of Razanac and its view opposing to a powerful mountain massif of Velebit, the climate of Razanac is special in all segments. Mixture of the sea and clear mountain air is a paradise for the refreshment of your lungs. Your blood will circulate faster and your body will feel stronger. Inhabitants of Razanac are well known for their longevity, thanks to the aromatic air they breathe and peaceful life. 
During summer, rains in Razanac are very rare. Bura, a northern wind streaming off Velebit is distending away any attempt of the rain clouds to accumulate. We can freely say that bura is a trademark of Razanac. It is a warranty to a pure air and healthy life and a natural phenomenon recorded by many tourists’ video cameras while their children are enjoying big waves bura is producing. Although strong, bura is rare during summer months, it is introduced to the tourists as a strong nature power that deserves attention and respect. Long periods of sunny and dry days follow afterwards bura.

Therefore, vegetation in Razanac is really specific and persistent in its survival all over the stone hills.
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Entering Razanac alongside ancient pines, you are also entering the oasis of peace and health. During your surrender to spirituous sun rays, your pleasure will be increased by gentle tramontana wind making your joy unforgettable.